Honorary Members

Through its activities aimed at stimulating research, disseminating education and promoting of superior clinical care of patients in all aspects of reproductive and fertility medicine the IFFS has received the immense support of numerous professionals practicing on all continents. 

It has been a long standing tradition of IFFS to honour these individuals that made a significant contribution to the field of human reproduction and the advancement of clinical practice and services for all.  Such individual efforts made it possible that infertility is now a WHO recognised disease and that patient with infertility are increasingly receiving the care they need and deserve.

The IFFS is privileged to count so many names as their Honorary Members.

  • 9th World Congress, Miami, USA — 1977 R. Palmer, France
    H. De Watteville, Switzerland
    I. Halbrecht, Israel
  • 10th World Congress, Madrid, Spain — 1980 R.G. Edwards, UK
    P.C. Steptoe, UK
  • 11th World Congress, Dublin, Ireland — 1983 T. Hasegawa, Japan
    A. Alvares Bravo, Mexico
    G.I.M. Swyer, UK
  • 12th World Congress, Singapore — 1986 A.F. Mendizabal, Argentina
  • 13th World Congress, Marrakech, Morocco — 1989
  • 14th World Congress, Caracas, Venezuela — 1992
  • 15th World Congress, Montpellier, France — 1995 R.D. Kempers, USA
    B. Lunenfeld, Israel
    K. Semm, Germany
  • 16th World Congress, San Francisco, USA — 1998 W.C. Andrews, USA
    J. Berhman, USA
    J. Cohen, France
    R. Edwards, UK (2nd time)
    A.F. Mendizabal, Argentina (2nd time)
    S. Sakamoto, Japan
  • 17th World Congress, Melbourne, Australia — 2001 J.B. Younger, USA
    I. Johnston, Australia
    H.W. Jones, Jr., USA
    O. Rodriquez Armas, Argentina
  • 18th World Congress, Montreal, Canada — 2004 L. Mettler, Germany
    R.F. Harrison, Ireland
    W. Thompson, Northern Ireland
    A. Acosta, Paraguay
  • 9th World Congress, Durban, South Africa — 2007 G. Kovacs, Australia
    I. Cooke, UK
    G. Serour, Egypt
  • 20th World Congress, Munich, Germany — 2010 A. deCherney, USA
    A. Van Steirteghem, Belgium
  • 21st World Congress, Boston, Massachusetts, USA — 2013 B. Hedon, France
    R. Rebar, USA
    P. C. Wong, Singapore
  • 22nd World Congress, New Delhi, India — 2016 B.N. Chakravarty, India
    K. Nygren, Sweden
    S. van der Poel, Switzerland
  • 23rd World Congress, Shanghai, China — 2019 Paul Devroey, Belgium
    B. Tarlatzis, Greece
    F. Zegers-Hochschild, Chile