Member Societies

The IFFS is proud to be a ligand for Societies and their member practitioners across the globe.  The interactive map showcases each Society.  Feel free to connect.  Also, if your National Society is not listed here please contact the Central Office at 

Member Society Introduction



Argentine Society of Reproductive Medicine - SAMeR, Argentina 

Associated Societies

The IFFS is proud to welcome “Associated” Societies which pursue similar goals to the IFFS.  The current list of IFFS Associated Societies spans 4 continents.  Please access below (click on play button) the Introduction videos submitted by each society.




Middle East

Society Membership

The membership of the Federation includes those Societies who have stated an interest in the clinical and research aspects of reproduction and fertility. The Society must have a constitution aligned to the IFFS Constitution and a minimum of 40 members.

Individual Membership

Are you actively involved in the field of reproduction and infertility? A physician, researcher, embryologist, nurse, physician assistant, counsellor or young investigator (any undergraduate students and practitioners in the first 12 months of post-graduate activity)?