Knowledge is the basis of improvement. That is why Education is the core of IFFS Mission. 

IFFS has been devoting a significant amount of work and resources to provide access to high quality education in reproductive health for practitioners with special emphasis on emerging economies and LMICs.

Through the years, IFFS has developed a wide range of educational activities, aimed at different professional categories and different levels of expertise, as the needs for education vary geographically according to demographics, epidemiology of the disease of infertility, State economics and stage of development of reproductive health and infertility services.  

The traditional program of face-to-face workshops have been progressively enriched to include a variety of virtual activities to maximize accessibility, to encourage professional exchange at an international level and to face challenges such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

In spite of a highly competitive context, IFFS can boast a unique experience in delivering tailor-made educational activities all over the world, also thanks to its involvement as a Non-State Actor in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The educational program is based on the following pillars:

IFFS’ Educational aims and objectives include:

  1. To increase health practitioner’s knowledge and skills in reproductive health, particularly in LMICs
  2. To support increased local training capacity and capability in reproductive health in LMICs
  3. To increase research capability in reproductive health particularly in emerging LMICs
  4. To promote high standards and safe, evidence-based practice through educational content
  5. To increase access to IFFS educational content for health care practitioners globally
  6. To increase knowledge and awareness on reproductive health and infertility matters for commissioners and funders of healthcare programs, departments of health, members of the public, and those who suffer from infertility and use infertility and reproductive healthcare services
  7. To impart knowledge and/or skills in the field of Reproductive Health and to encourage interaction and discussion among its members.

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