Global challenges of infertility

“Global challenges of infertility” consist of a series of highly interactive activities aimed at involving clinicians, embryologists, counsellors, nurses, and trainees worldwide through their respective national member societies.

Infertility is a complex disease, whose successful diagnosis and treatment necessarily require a close collaboration among several specialists (both from the clinic and from the laboratory). For this reason, these activities aim at encouraging collaboration, as well as interaction among professionals from different countries and with different backgrounds, based on the principle of peer education.

Each challenge might be composed of two or more practical cases. Participants are divided in homogeneous teams each including different categories of professionals.

At the end of the presentation of each practical case, the speaker (or a specifically selected committee) will evaluate and score the answers provided by the teams to each question (score 1 to 5 for each question).

After each “challenge”, points obtained will be awarded to the participating teams.

Challenges can be either virtual or live.  

The functioning of each “Challenge” is summarized in the figure below

global changes21