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The International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) and the Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health (AFRH) are proud to announce their collaboration in organizing "The Management of Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Workshop" being 17-19 May 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. 


This important 2½ day course will cover the principles in the modern management of infertility and assisted conception. This is the first workshop of its kind in Africa and will introduce and complement a comprehensive training package endorsed by the International Federation of Fertility Societies to be launched in Nigeria in 2018.



The Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health (AFRH) is a registered body whose main aim is to promote interest in, and understanding of, reproductive biology and medicine. It does this through facilitating research and subsequent dissemination of research findings in human reproduction and embryology to the general public, scientists, clinicians and patient associations; it also works to inform politicians and policy makers throughout Nigeria and Africa.


On a more applied level, it aims to promote improvements in clinical practice through organizing

teaching, training and continuing medical education activities, developing and maintaining data

registries and implementing methods to improve safety and quality assurance in clinical and laboratory

procedures. For more information about AFRH visit:



Registration OPEN - click here to register


Registration rates for the IFFS 2018 Workshop are listed below.  Workshop registration will be

available online and payment is accepted with a debit card, credit card, or wire transfer.  


Registration Fees

 Early Bird

16 May 2018 

 Early Bird


 Regular Fees

as of 17 May 2018

Regular Fees


 Clinician  $400.00 usd 145,000 ngn   $480.00 usd 175,000 ngn 
 Embryologist, Researcher  $250.00 usd 90,000 ngn   $250.00 usd 90,000 ngn 
 Nurse  $100.00 usd 35,000 ngn   $100.00 usd 35,000 ngn


Registration Information

Workshop registration includes admittance to all educational sessions, the exhibit hall, and refreshment breaks each day.


Acceptable Forms of Payment
Credit cards may be used for all registrations. IFFS accepted Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. IFFS reserves the right to charge the correct amount, if different from your calculated total. Charges will appear on your statement as “IFFS Registration”. Note: registrations paid by credit card and emailed to Keep a copy of your registration form for your record.


Cash and Travelers Checks (Naira only) will be accepted for pre and onsite registration at the IFFS/AFRH Workshop Registration Desk.  Please do not send cash or travelers checks through the mail.


Letters of Invitation
If requested, the IFFS will send a personal invitation for participation at the Workshop. It should be understood the invitation is only to assist participants of the Workshop to raise travel funds and to obtain a VISA and not a commitment on the part of the IFFS to provide any financial support.


Cancellation Policy

Registration Cancellation requests must be made in writing prior to 16 April 2018. Registration fees will be refunded minus a processing fee of $50 (full meeting). Please send refund requests via e-mail to IFFS Secretariat (  There will be no refunds after 16 April 2018.



Mrs. Etang Abang (Nigeria)

Abayomi Ajayi, MD (Nigeria)

Richardson Ajayi, MD (Nigeria)

Virginia Bolton, MA, PhD (United Kingdom)

Tina Buchholz, MD (Germany)

Chris Danga, MD (Nigeria)

Dominique de Ziegler, MD (France)

Preye Fiebai, MD (Nigeria)

Mark Hamilton, MD (United Kingdom)

Faye Iketubosin, MD (Nigeria)

Richard Kennedy, MD (United Kingdom)

Foluke Makinwa (Nigeria)

Alison McTavish (United Kingdom)

Jude Okohue, MD (Nigeria)

Ebele Onwuagbaizu (Nigeria)

Antti Perheentupa, MD (Finland)

Ibrahim Wada, MD (Nigeria)

Promise Ubali (Nigeria)



Click here to view the Preliminary Agenda.



This program is made possible, in part, by the generous support of IFFS Global Education Sponsor:


To email any questions/comments to the IFFS Secretariat, click here.



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