Innovation Lab

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”

        Edward Everett Hale

The IFFS invites you to become a supporter of the  Innovation Lab to be launched in 2022.  A supporter in kind, a supporter with know-how, a visionary at the innovation table that identifies current global fertility challenges and explores solutions.  For practitioners, for patients, for us.  Below are our current ideas for “coming together” Are you ready to talk to us?

  • Lab in a Box

A project aiming to offer a mobile, compact and “space ready” solution for the deployment of ART laboratory activity part of IVF services.

  • IFFS Quarterly Report

A live monthly broadcast with the latest in Reproductive Medicine, practice and patient focused. 90 min

  • Academic Writing Workshop

A twice yearly workshop with the Editor of GRH and Faculty detailing the following:

    1. How to come up with a research idea?
    2. Writing the proposal
    3. How to successfully research
    4. Paper writing – do it right the first time!
    5. How to survive peer review