IFFS Academy

The IFFS provides a series of training courses on specific topics or curricula organized and made available through IFFS website by means of a dedicated platform.

Each course will combine different educational methodologies delivered both synchronously and asynchronously (including presentations, and videos coupled with interactive activities and assignments, and other) according to a specific format and timetable to be elaborated according to the instructions that will be provided.  Courses may be curriculum based covering expected knowledge in a given area or based around a specific topic.

According to the course and content, educational opportunities will be suitable for different categories of professionals (medical doctors, scientists, counsellors, nurses, trainees) and at varying stages of learning and experience (students, established reproductive professionals). Learning assessment and certification will be included.

Locally delivered, face-to-face workshops / training courses will be organized in collaboration with local professional societies / colleges if requested and according to future circumstances and travel restrictions.

Oversight of the program will rest with the Education Committee officer in charge, who will report to the Director of Global Educational Programs and to the Education Committee.

IFFS Educational Programs:

This is text and an image that I entered into “Course Summary” within the “Edit Course Settings” option. This is a course all about my love for pizza!

A course for you to understand the steps for education in REI for doctors.

After participating in the Course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Consider the patient’s perspective when providing fertility care.
  2. Describe the steps needed to implement a quality management system (QMS).
  3. Develop a plan to engage all staff in the fertility centre in implementation of a QMS.
  4. Define standards of quality for their fertility centre.
  5. Create a system for measuring performance, taking remedial action and re-auditing performance.