Introduction to Infertility


Educational objectives

The following are the expected learning outcomes following participation in this module:


  1. To know the definition of infertility, why this is important and how to use this definition in the context the patient’s circumstances.
  2. To learn the basic scientific facts which will enable an understanding of the causes of infertility and provide a basis for management.
  3. To understand the epidemiology of infertility and how this is influenced geographically and socio-economically.
  4. Have a detailed knowledge of the aetiological causes of infertility and their prevalence.
  5. To be able to describe the public health, environmental and lifestyle interventions that impact on reproduction and how to use this knowledge to influence health policy and advise your patients ways that can improve their fertility.
  6. To be able to competently undertake initial assessment of an infertile couple, know the basic diagnostic tests required and how to interpret them, to advise them of their chances of natural conception and advise about the treatment options open to them.
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This course will introduce the student to the basics of infertility and lead the student through the initial assessment and investigation.

Each of four modules are introduced by the learning objectives. There follows a didactic presentation in video format which is short by design. The potential scope for material in some of the sections is substantial but it is not the intention of this learning module to be totally comprehensive, rather to introduce the learner to important concepts and those elements the tutors believe are essential knowledge as they begin their work in infertility.