The IFFS is a Non-state Actor (NSA) in Official Relations with the World Health Organization

As a Non-State Actor (NSA) in official relations with the World Heath Organization (WHO), the IFFS promotes and develops educational initiatives in the field of reproductive health in support of WHO aims and objectives, and the renewed focus and prioritization WHO has given to infertility as a disease. 

IFFS-WHO Activities


Monthly electronic newsletter of new publications, research articles and events from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research

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IFFS-WHO Collaboration Plans

Specific Areas of Collaboration between WHO and IFFS

In our goal to disseminate information relevant to the WHO mission in reproductive health research, capacity building, policy making, IFFS submits an annual Plan of Collaboration progress report that is reviewed and approved by the WHO.

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Human Reproduction Programme (HRP)

Discover more about the WHO HRP, leading research in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Excerpt from the WHO website: “HRP (the UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction) is the main instrument within the United Nations system for research in human reproduction, bringing together policy-makers, scientists, health care providers, clinicians, consumers and community representatives to identify and address priorities for research to improve sexual and reproductive health.”

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Upcoming IFFS-WHO Events

Be up to date with our upcoming events.